1. We start your way to your backyard paradise by a consulting meeting to determine what size, shape and design of pool, spa or water feature you want.  In this meeting things to consider talking about would be any extra features you may want.  After this meeting we will get you a proposal with the price of the pool you have in mind, if you can’t decide on a particular pool at the time of this meeting we give prices for multiple design, shapes, and sizes.  Also on this proposal we will include prices for any extras you would like to consider adding.  We give you straight forward pricing with no hidden charges.
  2. Upon signing of a contract we will also ask for a plot plan of your property and soils report. The soils report and design of pool goes to the engineer for structural drawings.  When structural drawings are complete we take these and plot plan to apply for permit.
  3. After receiving the permit we begin laying out your pool.  We then begin excavation of your pool.  After excavation we form the pool, once forming is complete we run our plumbing lines in the pool to where you have determined to put your equipment.  The plumbing is pressured with air to insure we don’t have any leaks in your plumbing anywhere. After completing plumbing process we begin to put reinforcing steel in the pool this is a skeleton structure of your pool.
  4. Next comes the gunite(shot-crete) this is the concrete structure of your pool.  The gunite is sprayed on and cut to dimensions of your pool.  Once the gunite is complete we strip the forms, fill in trenches, and grade for decking.
  5. At this time landscaping will to start to take place.  Along with your landscaping, your decking and coping stone will be installed at this time as well.  We allow for your landscaping and other backyard features to be completed. This includes BBQ pits, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, pool house or any other features you are choosing to add.
  6. Once landscaping is complete we install a 6” band of tile in your pool.  Along with tile being installed, your pool equipment is installed at your equipment pad or inside your pool house.
  7. We’re almost there!!  Now the fittings are put in, the pool gets washed down and cleaned.  Once the pool is cleaned we install cap tile along the perimeter of your steps and benches.
  8. Now we are ready for the interior finish.  This material (Diamond Brite usually) starts in a bag as dry powder, we then mix it with water and spray it on the pool’s shell.  The plaster is trowled to a smooth finish until it is hard.  Followed by a wash back to insure proper exposure.
  9. GET THE HOSE OUT!! Now we start to fill your pool, we recommend filling it fast as possible whether this is with a fire house or water truck, if this is not an option for you a garden hose of the house will fill it as well.  Filling time will depend on water pressure and size of your pool.  Once pool is full we start the equipment, this starts heating and circulating your water. We also get your chemicals started and balanced so your pool will be ready to swim in.
  10. YOUR BACKYARD PARADISE IS COMPLETE!  Once pool is heated and chemicals are balanced your ready to take a swim.  Once pool is up and running we will give you step by step instructions on how run, maintain, and balance chemicals in your swimming pool.